Still compelling after 25 years, The Laramie Project is a stunning, dramatic theatrical examination of the immediate reactions of the Laramie, Wyoming
community to the 1998 brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, a young gay college student, and the underlying bigotry and hatred that enabled it. The Laramie Project is a powerful production that explores the mature topics of hatred, intolerance and fear. It has been seen by over 30 million people around the world.

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Performance Dates and Times:

Thursday, October 12 at 7:30 pm

Friday, October 13 at 7:30 pm

Saturday, October 14 at 7:30 pm

Sunday, October 15 at 2:00 pm

Meet the Cast

Baird Brutscher
Andrew Gomez, Andy Paris, Father Roger Schmit, Greg Pierotti, Jonas Slonaker, Reverend Fred Phelps, Rob Debree, Rulon Stacey, Sgt. Hing, Stephen Belber, Judge

Dawn Espe
Amanda Gronich, Dr. Cantway, April Silva, Mormon Home Teacher,  Shannon, Trish Steger, Waitress

Vincent Johnson-Ding
Aaron Mckinney, Jedadiah Schultz, Jon Peacock, Moises Kaufman,  Phil Labrie, Philip Dubois, Shadow

M. Hollis Ford
Baptist Minister, Father Roger Schmit, Gil Engen, Harry Woods, Matt Mickelson, Murdock Cooper, Priest At The Funeral, Judge

Barb McColgan
Anonymous Friend Of Aaron Mckinney’s, Dennis Shepard, Governor Jim Geringer,  Marge Murray, Minister’s Wife, Sherry Johnson, Stephen Mead Johnson

Sarah Good
Bailiff, Bill Mckinney, Kristin Price, Leigh Fondakowski, Andy Paris, Jen, Rebecca Hilliker, Reggie Fluty

CJ Nichols
Doc O’Connor, Doug Laws, Jeffrey Lockwood, Matt Galloway

Michelle Ingels
Barbara Pitts, Catherine Connolly, Andy Paris, Eileen Engen, Lucy Thompson, Sherry Aanenson

Natalie Topete
Alison Mears, Romaine Patterson, Stephen Belber, Tiffany Edwards, Zackie Salmon, Zubaida Ula

Ethan Johnson
Aaron Kreifels, Cal Rerucha, Conrad Miller, Kerry Drake, Russell Henderson

Meet the Crew

Erin Caswell

Tadina Ikola
Lightboard Operator

Mark Oehrlein
Technical Director

Gary Hirsch
Producer/Set Construction

Melissa Peterson
Stage Manager

Mike Anderson
Set Construction

Jared Foss
Soundboard Operator

Melissa Yeager
Front of House Manager

Kelly Ikola
Booth Assistant

Marina Grabowski
Wing Design and Construction

Charlene Kronstedt
Usher Manager