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Cast of Characters

TEDDY (M/F) a former professor of cultural anthropology, now a TED talk phenomenon: Barb McColgan
BOB, a Brainerd businessman: Jesse Brutcher
MAC, a Brainerd businessman: Eddie Binda
JOE, a Brainerd businessman: M. Hollis Ford
DIRECTOR, in charge of the 1935 Paul Bunyan pageant: Rebecca Aanerud
STAGE MANAGER, of the 1935 Paul Bunyan pageant: Olivia Notch
KING B,  a civic minded citizen of Bemidji: Mike Paulus
BARB, a young girl of the 1950s, fascinated with Paul Bunyan: Izzy Pence
MS. P.,  the adult version of Barb, looking back on her youth: Jenny Kiffmeyer
MC: Mark Oehrlein
RADIO voice of a 1950s WCCO radio announcer: Pat DeGeest
MANAGER of the Paul Bunyan Amusement Center, 1950: Nat Roberts
CHORUS: Jenna Hanson, Megan Hanson, Emma Hopman, Maureen Paulus, Marth Sanguma, Emme Scearcy, Abby Tanner, Olivia Tanner, Emma Thusholt, Sheridan Wilson. Swing: Olivia Notch