Stage North Auditions

Get Involved!

Acting not your thing?

We are always looking for help with many of the other tasks involved in making a great show come to life!

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What to expect at an audition

  1. Persons auditioning will be asked to fill out an audition form, here is a copy if you would like to have it filled out ahead of time. An important part of being in the cast or crew is availability, so be sure to bring your calendar with a list of your recurring or single event conflicts between Date 1 and 2. Auditions generally last between 1-3 hours depending upon turn out.
  2. You will have a head shot taken by our photographer and be given a number. Actors may be called in singles, or small groups to stand before the director and producers to audition. Those interested in “technical only” positions will be asked to discuss interests, experience and tasks desired.
  3. In some cases, a “call back” will occur. A “call back” is a way for the production crew to have a second look at possible actors. “Call backs” generally occur within 48-hours of the original audition.

Wanna win over the Director?

Here are a few tips..

  1. Dress nicely, be respectful, show appreciation, and take your opportunity seriously. Many actors find that reading the play, watching videos, and learning as much about the production as possible before the audition, to be a tremendous help.
  2. Do not chew gum in a theatre….ever!
  3. Hands down, most directors are looking for a few things: vocal volume, energy and personality. A┬áperson with these attributes will generally win the part over another actor, even if they may not be the best best “physical” match for the role. The theatre is a place to be someone bigger than life, let yourself go and have fun!

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