Setting Sail in 2021!

We are looking ahead to 2021 for our ‘start-back-up.’   If all goes as planned, Anything Goes will be performed March 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, and 27 – evening shows on Thursdays and Fridays with matinees on Saturdays.  Your 2020 tickets will, of course, be honored at these productions. 

Anything Goes: Behind the Scenes

  • Reno Sweeny: Jana Johnson*
  • Bonnie: Jenny Kiffmeyer*
  • Purity Angel: Emma Hopman*
  • Modesty Angel: Kim Huether*
  • Chastity Angel: Lydia Jendro
  • Charity Angel: Kathryn Josephine Bennett*
  • Virtue Angel: Jaden Wendt*
  • Hope Harcourt: Elaina Tanner*
  • Mrs. Harcourt: Barb McColgan*
  • Billy Crocker: Jesse Brutscher*
  • Lord Evelyn: Mark Oehrlein*
  • Elisha Whitney: M. Hollis Ford*
  • Moonface Martin: Dave Endicott*
  • Ship’s Captain: John Mattson*
  • Ship’s Purser: Connor Nichols
  • Minister Henry T. Dobson: Stephen Blenkush
  • Ole: Braeden Pontius
  • Lena: Azriele Mattson*
  • Photographer: April Erfurth
  • Reporter: Rebecca Aanerud*
  • FBI Agent: Candace Kunde
  • Woman in Wheelchair: Dana Mattson
  • Specialty Tapper: Isabel Erfurth
  • Specialty Tapper: Amelia Erickson
  • Specialty Tapper: Jenna Hanson*
  • Specialty Tapper: Autumn Paulus*
  • *Denotes Stage North Theatre Company Resident Member