A Message About COVID-19: March 14, 2020

After careful consideration, and a desire to ensure the health and safety of everyone who engages with the Stage North Theatre Company, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the upcoming production of Anything Goes.

At this time, we are hoping to reschedule the production at a future time to be decided. If you have purchased tickets, they will be honored on those dates.  We are proposing this change because we don’t wish to cancel, but we also realize that we can’t proceed.  It may come to the point where we must cancel the show

We deeply value your commitment to Stage North, and we will accommodate all patrons to the best of our ability as we manage the ticketing situation. If you have tickets to an upcoming performance of Anything Goes, you may:

  • Donate your tickets
  • Exchange your tickets to a performance in June
  • Receive a refund

As a nonprofit arts organization, Stage North relies heavily on the support of donors, subscribers and single ticket buyers. If you are able to exchange or donate your tickets rather than request a refund, it would help sustain Stage North during this uncertain time.

  • Reno Sweeny: Jana Johnson*
  • Bonnie: Jenny Kiffmeyer*
  • Purity Angel: Emma Hopman*
  • Modesty Angel: Kim Huether*
  • Chastity Angel: Lydia Jendro
  • Charity Angel: Kathryn Josephine Bennett*
  • Virtue Angel: Jaden Wendt*
  • Hope Harcourt: Elaina Tanner*
  • Mrs. Harcourt: Barb McColgan*
  • Billy Crocker: Jesse Brutscher*
  • Lord Evelyn: Mark Oehrlein*
  • Elisha Whitney: M. Hollis Ford*
  • Moonface Martin: Dave Endicott*
  • Ship’s Captain: John Mattson*
  • Ship’s Purser: Connor Nichols
  • Minister Henry T. Dobson: Stephen Blenkush
  • Ole: Braeden Pontius
  • Lena: Azriele Mattson*
  • Photographer: April Erfurth
  • Reporter: Rebecca Aanerud*
  • FBI Agent: Candace Kunde
  • Woman in Wheelchair: Dana Mattson
  • Specialty Tapper: Isabel Erfurth
  • Specialty Tapper: Amelia Erickson
  • Specialty Tapper: Jenna Hanson*
  • Specialty Tapper: Autumn Paulus*
  • *Denotes Stage North Theatre Company Resident Member